wish list

Ginny Weasley

This character from the brilliant J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter has emerged very slowly in the story. Her part started small, which was a very clever move from the author, allowing us to react like the main character towards Ginny, she was just Ron's sister, but Harry did not realize that she's the person that would understand him the most. She's powerful, smart, funny and has a great charisma.

Ron and Hermione

Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger have the most exciting interaction I've ever read or seen in my life. Their bickering comes from the sexual tension between the two of them, it's hard to admit love so easily to the other sex, so other ways are always available. When they got together, I thought it was a great timing.


I have never fell that hard for a certain TV series like I have with Castle. When you actually watch it, you'd think that there is nothing special about it, but when you watch it closely with your heart, soul and good ears, you'd notice the great chemistry between the characters and the great story line that keeps developing with every episode. Every character gets its own moment. The relationship between the two main leads is my favorite kind of interaction between characters. The comedy kills. Nathan Fillion rocks. Stana Katic needs an Oscar.

Charlie and Claire

Charlie and Claire, LOST! This show has its ups and downs, but with this certain relationship, it went just fine, in my opinion. Charlie is trying his best to be so sweet and caring, and Claire giving him a reason to be sober and sane. Peanut butter is special.

Charlie Pace

Charlie Pace, he is one of the reasons I'm still watching LOST, I want to see the destiny of this character, he's good, but drugs drove him to the wrong direction, he wants to stop, he wants to survive, but then ...