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 Charmed - Halliwell Manor:  Gilmore Girls: Dragonfly Inn:  Gilmore Girls: Luke's:  Gilmore Girls: Luke's Horoscope:  Gilmore Girls: Stars Hallow:  Horcuxes:  HP - Hogwarts:  HP- Hogwars Express:  HP- Transfiguration:  HP-Cloak:  HP-Twins Escape:  HP: Buterbeer:  HP: Chamber of Secrets:  HP: DADA:  HP: Durmstrang:  HP: The Burrow:  Pirates of The Carebbean: Jack's Compass:  Pirates of The Carebbean: The Black Pearl:  Pirates of The Carebbean: Will's Medallion:  Spells of Potter:  The Big Bang Theory - Leonard and Sheldon's Apartment:  The O.C: Capt. Oats:  V's Mask:

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