links and affiliates

These are the lovely people who I call "Affiliates" take a look at their magical places, I'm sure you'll find something interesting! If you own a collective and would like to be affiliated with me, please go here
 Amanda @ OoooPanada  April @ Marvelous Grace  Aurelie @ Makes Me Wonder  Berta @ Hoist The Colours  Buruma @ Imaginary  Chrisie @ Strong Is Fighting  Cinthya @ Devotion  Cliodhna @ Daffodil Lament  Courtney @ Love Sick  Deborah @ I Heart You  Emma @ Be Stereo  Emma-Jane @ Audio Hype  Iaiav @ Star Lett  Ina @ Fragments of Passion  Iris @ Written Sins  Isa @ TheIsotope  Joss @ Dead Exit  Keiran @ Ironic Timing  Kristin @ Cloud and Shade  Kristina @ Theater Girl  Kryz @ You Slay Me  Lauren @ Fixation  Leigh Ann @ Precious Memories  Lora @ Fatal Worship  Martina @ Inspirationally  Meesho @ The Torches Collective  Melissa @ Sinister Beauty  Michi @ Iridescently  Nathalie @ Glitter Skies  Rebecca @ Pure Intuation  Rebekah @ Heart Break World  Sara @ Endless Dream  Saya @ Catnip  Willow @ Sunday Eyes