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to Accio Addicts, Shifaa's fanlistings collective! In this magical place you can find my love and obsession of fandoms that I cannot live without! My writing ability is shut down at the middle, so I'll simply say, take a look around, enjoy your stay and if you found anything interesting, go ahead and explore, don't forget to join. If you need to contact me for any reason, you can do so by sending me an email to: spk.fan@gmail.com. :)

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Accio Addicts was first established on January of the year two thousand and eight. At this moment is has a total number of 8 owned fan listings, and 2906 approved members. There is/are 2 members who is/are hanging around waiting for be approved! I have joined 1678 fanlisitngs. At the moment I am affiliated with 34 other collectives, who happens to be such brilliant characters. If you are wondering, the last owned fan listing of mine was Beyond Reality it was established on 2011-11-28 . Enough about me, how about you?!!

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nineteenth of february of the year two thousand and twelve

You have no idea how much time it took me to design a new layout, it took me months, and with every layout I make I feel down more and more thinkig I have lost my abiliaty, but here I am, with a new layout featuring Ron and Hermione. AGAIN. :)

eleventh of december of the year two thousand and ten

I have actually made a new layout. I haven't been doing any designs for the past couple of months. I guess having a job and a love life is consuming.This layout features a heart warming scene from The Lost World. I just had to design something for this scene and here it is. I have major updates on the site incliuding have wish listers such as: Michael Buble and Delta Goodrem. Go join if you are a fan. :)